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IDCorporate nameUse manufacturer
1Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum Electricity Co., Ltd.
2China Aluminum International Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.Export to India VEDANTA Company
3China Aluminum Great Wall Construction Co., Ltd.Export to India VEDANTA Company
4Henan Wanji Aluminum Co., Ltd.Wan Ji aluminum works
5Shandong Xinfa Huaxin Aluminum Co., Ltd.
6Guangxi Xinfa Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
7Shandong Yili Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
8Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd.
9Qinghai Bolian Material Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd.China Electric Power Investment in Qinghai Xinheng Aluminum Power
10Shenyang Aluminum Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd.Chinalco Qinghai Bridge Head Aluminum Electricity
11Hunan Shengtong Trading Co., Ltd.Hunan Shengtong Group
12Sanmenxia Local Metal Material Co., Ltd.Sanmenxia Aluminum Industry
13Eleventh Smelter Construction Co., Ltd. (Sichuan Branch)
14Henan China Aluminum Equipment Co., Ltd.Fushun aluminum industry
15Qiye Furnace and Kiln Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.Chinalco Qinghai Bridge Head Aluminum Electricity
16Chongqing Qineng Aluminum Electricity Co., Ltd.
17Henan Samsung Material Co., Ltd.
18Chengdu Haipeng Trading Co., Ltd.
19Taiyuan Common Materials Development Co., Ltd.Aluminium cladding
20Henan Shenhuo Trading Co., Ltd.
21Guangxi Baise Yinhai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.
2214 Smelter Construction Group Yunnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd.
23Kunming Jiajingxiang Trading Co., Ltd.Yunnan aluminum industry
24Shanghai Yinan Industrial Co., Ltd.Export to Indonesia
25Henan Yuzhong Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.Guangxi Yinhai Aluminum Industry
26Guizhou Jiayang Trading Co., Ltd.Chinalco Guizhou Branch
27Lanzhou Jiasheng Material Co., Ltd.Chinalco Lanzhou Branch
28ABA aluminum worksABA aluminum works
29Urumqi Jingtian Haiyuan Trading Co., Ltd.Tianlong Mining Industry in Xinjiang
30Anshun Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.Guizhou Limei Aluminum Industry